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Alyssa Lindsey

Alyssa Lindsey

Ambassador Profile

Hey Y’all! Welcome to Rocky Top! I’m Alyssa Lindsey; a professional free swag collector from Charleston, SC, who is quickly running out of t-shirts that do not sport some sort of UT logo! Academically speaking though, you can categorize me as a senior majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. (So close!)

I’ve been coming to Knoxville for most of my life. When either of your parents is a UT alumni, growing up you automatically bleed orange. However, I never actually thought about going to school here until my senior year of high school. I took a tour in February, on the most butt freezing cold day with the most amazing people. It was outstanding the amount of effort that everyone made to engage with and reach out to me, just on a tour. As I’ve continued to meet students and faculty from all over the university, I’ve found that warmth and enthusiasm is never lacking. For such a massive school, UT really goes out of its way to make everyone feel at home. Between that and the epic toys the College of Engineering has, I was hooked. I mean come on, free 3D printing, ORNL research opportunities, and an electron microscope open to students, who wouldn’t be! In all seriousness though, I truly do love my school and I hope you will too.

When I’m not with the ambassadors you can find me in the SERF building at the Scintillation Materials Research Center. There I work with a grad student on the properties and growth of radiation detecting crystals. I am also one of the MSE student representatives on the UT COE WomEngineer’s Leadership Council. Our goal is to help support and connect our female engineering students through events and collaborative faculty and student efforts! Be sure to look out for info about the WomEningeer’s Day we will be hosting this spring!

A special anecdote for those you coming out of state, I know how challenging it can be to obtain and coordinate everything required. I can assure you it’s not near as overwhelming as it initially seems. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need some guidance! Whether you confused or need help getting started, I promise I’ll get you sorted out or connect you with the person who can!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know my school and myself a little better. Whether you choose UT or not, I wish you the very best in your college endeavors! Work hard and enjoy every minute of it! GO VOLS!

Alyssa Lindsey

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