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Kemal Fidan

Kemal Fidan

Ambassador Profile

Hey, my name is Kemal Fidan and I’m a sophomore studying computer science at UT. I was born in New York City, grew up in Cookeville, Tennessee, and eventually found my way to good ol' Knoxville.

At UT, I serve as a director on VolHacks, am a member of Rotaract, and often go to utkML meetings. I chose to study computer science primarily because I enjoy problem-solving and also because I like money (who doesn’t?!). Outside of academics though, things I enjoy doing are playing marching snare, listening to music, and exploring Knoxville’s outdoor life.

Studying computer science at UT has led to some fantastic and fun experiences for me. Just this past summer, I worked as a cyber-security research intern where my job was focused around blockchain technology. It included updating firmware decentralized, using methods to securely prove autonomous vehicle locations, and much more cool stuff.

Studying here at UT has given me amazing opportunities to learn and have fun, and so I hope I can help you call Knoxville home!

Kemal Fidan

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