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Madeline Phillips

Madeline Phillips

Ambassador Profile

Hi! I'm Madeline Phillips, a sophomore studying Computer Science here at UT.

I chose computer science as a major because I believe it is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used to serve people in a multitude of ways. When I started taking computer science classes in high school, I loved the problem-solving aspects of writing code and decided to pursue this creative field as a career.

Despite being born and raised in Knoxville, I used to be certain that the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, wasn't the school for me. However, after I participated in a high school research internship with CURENT, a research center here that is supported by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy, I realized that UT would provide a rigorous and competitive academic experience. This discovery has been confirmed in my time with the college by the consistently high expectations my professors have for me in my computer science classes.

Aside from studying, I am a lover of hiking, a connoisseur of sunrises, and a delighter in elegant code. My first year, I lived in the Engage Living & Learning Community (LLC), and would absolutely recommend it to any incoming engineering student who wants a solid support system. Furthermore, I worked on the LLC Ambassador Council to plan events specifically geared toward LLC students. This year, I'm privileged to serve on the leadership team of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry.

I am delighted that you’re investigating the opportunities offered by this university! If you choose to come check out our campus, I would love to meet you and share some of my experiences with UT’s College of Engineering.

Madeline Phillips

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