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Michael Burnside

Michael Burnside

Ambassador Profile

Hello future engineers! My name is Michael Burnside, and I am a (current) Mechanical Engineering major from Franklin, TN. When I first started looking for colleges, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. UT did not even cross my mind as a possibility while growing up, but as the time started drawing nearer, my parents suggested we take a visit. At this point in my life, I am beyond thankful that they did.

While growing up, my favorite subjects in school were always math and science. That might tend to make you think I was dead-set on engineering for years; however, I considered a variety of career paths including medicine and law. This all changed when I took my first engineering-specific tour at the UT. I discovered the vast swath of options that the field can offer to anyone who is willing to put the work in for it.

So far, my experience in the Tickle College of Engineering (and really UT in general) has been incredible. Aside from the Engineering Ambassador program, some of the things I have been active in include the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program, serving as an Ignite Leadership Summit Team Leader, competing on the Swim Club at UT, and I also love my fair share of Intramural Sports. Even though it is cliché, I have found that one of my favorite aspects about college is the opportunity for involvement. By being both an active leader and participant in organizations across campus, I feel like I have developed long-lasting relationships with the people around me, and I would highly recommend that you find a school where you can do the same thing!

Whether you choose the Tickle College of Engineering at the University of Tennessee or elect to attend some other school, the choice is ultimately yours. In the end, it comes down to where you feel the most comfortable and where you can foresee the most opportunity for your future. I know that when I first stepped on campus at UT, I was blown away by the attention to detail the university devotes to its students on an individual level. On the engineering campus alone, we are always upgrading our resources to cater to today’s student, and that has been visible to me since day one.

UT is a special place, and I really hope you like it as much as I do! Go Vols!

Michael Burnside
Engineering Ambassador
Class of 2021

Michael Burnside

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