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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go to see student evaluations of professors?

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, asks students to evaluate professors at the end of each semester. Students can access recent reviews via TN101. The Tickle College of Engineering’s faculty is diverse and has a wide range of specialties. There are professors from all over the world that teach, research, and serve the university. You can learn more about our faculty on each of the department’s websites.

What is the best meal plan option?

UT offers an assortment of meal plans that serve a variety of tastes and dietary needs. There are over 40 dining locations on campus at the various dining halls, restaurants, and grab-and-go kiosks. Learn more about meal plans.

How do I know if engineering is the right major for me?

The first-year curriculum is designed with exploration in mind—the engage™ Engineering Fundamentals program is designed to provide basic knowledge used by all engineers as well as many other disciplines. If you decide during your first year that engineering is not for you, many of the courses that you will be taking during your first year will count as basic requirements for many other majors. That means that you won’t be far behind if you do change majors during or after your first year.

How long can I wait to decide which type of engineering major I want to pursue?

Through the engage™ Engineering Fundamentals program, students are exposed to all of the various engineering majors. Students take part in a majors exploration fair as well as many conversations with advisors and faculty to aid in your decision. In addition, the Center for Career Development has two engineering major and career consultants to help. These resources ensure students are well informed about what a particular type of engineer may do on a day-to day-basis. Students are encouraged to investigate the majors we offer and decide on one during their first year. Check out which degrees are offered by the college.

How do I get involved on campus?

UT has over 500 student organizations which includes a vast Greek community, intramurals and sports clubs, academic organizations, honor societies, and organizations that pertain to hobbies and interests. There is something for everyone! Learn more about UT’s student organizations. In addition, there is always something going on here on campus or even around the Knoxville community. When you’re not in class or studying, you are sure to find something engaging to do!

How many scholarships are awarded each year by the Tickle College of Engineering?

The college provides 600–700 scholarships each year that are awarded based on need and merit, but don’t limit your search just to the university or college. There are also many community organizations and endowments that offer aid for students. Learn more about UT’s financial aid opportunities offered by UT.

Does UT offer a dual MS/MBA program?

Yes, we do. It’s offered jointly by the colleges of engineering and business. Visit the engineering departmental websites to find curriculum details based on your chosen engineering major. In addition to the MS/MBA, many of our departments also offer a five-year BS/MS degree. This option is an excellent way to obtain both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in your field of study. Don’t forget, we also offer PhD programs as well.

Will the program prepare for the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam?

Absolutely! Our faculty and staff work hard to ensure that you are receiving up-to-date information and knowledge about the world of engineering. Learn more about the NCEES exam.

Can I partake in research as an undergraduate student?

UT prides itself on the number of undergraduate students who partake in research. Many of our students even begin conducting research as first-year students. The best way to get involved is to ask your professors for assistance with finding placement opportunities. Visit UT’s Office of Undergraduate Research.

I’m a female, can engineering be a good fit for me?

Yes! Many women are successful engineers and our college is dedicated to recruiting and retaining female students in engineering. In fact, our 2018 incoming class is gearing up to include the largest number of female engineering students we’ve ever had! Learn about our Society of Women Engineers, and be sure to check out all our student organizations for other female-focused groups.

What is the benefit of the Engineering Professional Practice Program?

The Office of Engineering Professional Practice helps engineering students find co-op and internship opportunities throughout the country. These industry placements allow students to gain experience in their engineering field of study that aligns with and supports academic learning. Participating in co-ops and internships set students apart from their peers and can make them more attractive to employers upon, and even before, graduation. Learn more about the Office of Engineering Professional Practice.

What is the Jerry E. Stoneking Engage Engineering Fundamentals Program?

The Jerry E. Stoneking engageTM Engineering Fundamentals program is a unique program that all first-year students enter during their first semester at UT. The program focuses on communication and collaborative team-based activities and projects that call upon material learned in the classroom. The program was designed to improve the first-year experience, build camaraderie among students, and provide an active approach to learning. Program resources include, but are not limited to, help sessions, web-based material, and workshops. Learn more about the engageTM program.

What is the Engage Living and Learning Community?

The Engage Living and Learning Community is an optional residential experience that provides a supportive environment for first-year students who have been admitted to the Tickle College of Engineering. Engage is founded on the common coursework taken by first-year engineering students. Students choosing to live in the Engage community will benefit from living in the same residence hall as other first-year engineering students taking the same courses. This makes it easy to share notes, form study groups, and develop camaraderie.

How do I become a part of the Engage Program?

Eligible students must be admitted to the Tickle College of Engineering. Students who will be enrolled in Engineering Fundamentals courses or Math 130 their first semester are eligible to participate in the community. Engineering students who are in the Haslam Scholars or Chancellor’s Honors Program (Honors Engineering) may choose to live in the Engage or Honors community.

What is the Cook Grand Challenge Honors Program?

The Cook Grand Challenge Honors program is designed to challenge and provide educational experiences to undergraduate students. Students participating in the challenge complete at least six honors courses and gain experience in research, interdisciplinary coursework, entrepreneurship, global experience, and/or service-learning. While the program is independent of the Chancellor’s Honor program, students may pursue both programs if they choose.

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